2022-2023 Walker Station Elementary PTO Leaders

Executive Board

President Dante Peduzzi President@wse-pto.org
Vice President Lauren Blanks VicePresident@wse-pto.org
Treasurer Jeanne Lutz Treasurer@wse-pto.org
Communications Secretary Mariko Brayley Communications@wse-pto.org
Fundraising Secretary Jeni Seymour Fundraising@wse-pto.org



 Committee Chairs

Dads Club  Tam Vo  DadsClub@wse-pto.org 
Donuts for Dad  Erin Bibb    DonutsforDad@wse-pto.org
Fall Fundraiser  Jeni Seymour  Fundraising@wse-pto.org
Field Day  Jenny & Travis Nutzman  FieldDay@wse-pto.org
Food Truck Nights  Lawrence Tam  FoodTrucks@wse-pto.org 
Hospitality  Maggie Singleton   Hospitality@wse-pto.org 
Lamination  Lesley Galloway  Lamination@wse-pto.org 
Library/ Book Fair  Janki Ghalayini  BookFair@wse-pto.org
Lost & Found/ Shared Dreams  Jeanne Lutz  SharedDreams@wse-pto.org
Nurse's Assistant  Amy Koebel  NursesAssistant@wse-pto.org
Picture Day  Lynn Brewster  PictureDay@wse-pto.org
Recording Secretary  Brendan Hill  RecordingSecretary@wse-pto.org
School Supplies  Anuradha Ramprasad  SchoolSupplies@wse-pto.org
Spirit Activities  Rachel Cantillon  SpiritActivities@wse-pto.org
Spirit Merchandise  Olivia Castille  SpiritStore@wse-pto.org
Sponsorship  Jeni Seymour  Sponsorship@wse-pto.org
Spring Fundraiser  Brandi Anderson  SpringFundraiser@wse-pto.org
Teacher/Staff Appreciation  Kersta Kennish  TeacherAppreciation@wse-pto.org
Teacher Representative  Deanna Trevino  Teacher@wse-pto.org
VIPS Coordinator  OPEN  VicePresident@wse-pto.org
Website  Lauren Blanks  Website@wse-pto.org
Yearbook  Mariko Brayley  Yearbook@wse-pto.org






Grade Level Chairs

Room Parent Coordinator  Lauren Swords RoomParentCoordinator@wse-pto.org
Pre-K Grade Level Coordinator    
Kindergarten GLC  Mariko Brayley Kindergarten@wse-pto.org
First Grade GLC  Charlese Lam- Sparks FirstGrade@wse-pto.org
Second Grade GLC  Lauren Blanks SecondGrade@wse-pto.org
Third Grade GLC  Allyson White ThirdGrade@wse-pto.org
Fourth Grade GLC  Elizabeth Moore FourthGrade@wse-pto.org
Fifth Grade GLC  Jodi Peduzzi FifthGrade@wse-pto.org
Fifth Grade Activities  Jodi Peduzzi  


2022-2023 Sponsors

Thank you to our 2022-2023 Sponsors!



    Lemke Orthodontics |  Mike Tate's Tire and Auto  |  Caldwell & Steinbring- Dentistry for Children  |  Next Level Urgent Care  |  Orthodontique  |  Quadros, Migl, & Crosby   |   Mathnasium

We are currently looking for sponsors for our 2022-2023 school year. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact our Sponsorship chair at Sponsorship@wse-pto.org

Thank you!